Best Commercial Paper Shredder

Are you worried about private information falling into the wrong hands? If you are paranoid about your business rivals getting dirt on your company then you need the best commercial paper shredder that you can find.

Commercial shredders are great because they can turn any kind of document into an unintelligible pile of confetti. You will need a good shredder if you want to keep your company secrets from prying eyes; this appliance will give you peace of mind when disposing of old documents.

Commercial Paper Shredder Reviews

Swingline CX40-59 Commercial Paper Shredder

The Swingline CX40-59 Commercial Paper Shredder has Level P-3 security that meets shredding needs of a typical commercial space. It runs continuously and it has the Jam-Stopper technology.

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HSM SECURIO AF500 Shredder

The HSM SECURIO AF500 Shredder has an Autofeed function so you can just leave it while it shreds paper by itself. It also features a lock-and-go function that prevents unauthorized access to the inserted stacks of paper during operation.

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HSM SECURIO B35 1/4” Strip-Cut Shredder

The HSM SECURIO B35 Shredder has a continuous shredding operation and the Energy Management Control function can reduce your power consumption as it only consumes 0.1 watt while in standby mode.

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Fellowes Powershred 325Ci Shredder

The Fellowes Powershred 325Ci Shredder has a 3-Level Jam Prevention system. The unit includes a 12-ounce of oil and replacement bags. The 22-gallon bin makes it ideal for large offices.

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Fellowes Powershred 225i Shredder

The Fellowes Powershred 225i Shredder has a Level P-2 security and 16-gallon bin that makes it ideal for large offices that has basic shredding needs. It features Energy Saving System and SilentShred Technology.

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Fellowes Powershred 125Ci Shredder

The Fellowes Powershred 125Ci Shredder will run for a complete 45 minutes before it will need to cool down. The basket for the CD shredder may not catch all bits of shredded CD.

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GoECOlife GXC205Pi Platinum Series Shredder

The GoECOlife GXC205Pi Platinum Series Shredder is designed to fit under standard-height tables. The wheels make it easy to move around. The unit will turn off automatically after it has been left idle.

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Royal Commercial Grade Crosscut Paper Shredder

The Royal Commercial Grade Crosscut Paper Shredder can shred for up to 60 minutes without overheating. The casters add to the unit’s mobility. It shuts off automatically when the bin is full.

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AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Shredder

The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Shredder has LED indicators for Standby, Overload, Overheat, and Door Open. It can run for up to 25 minutes before it will need to cool down.

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Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

The Royal 1840MX Shredder has a 40-minute run time. It reduces paper jams with its jam-free rollers. Its motor and cutter blade have a 5-year warranty.

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Types of Paper Shredders

Many industries are required by law to dispose sensitive information in a regular basis to prevent unwanted dissemination. To know which shredder is best for you, you must have an idea on what kind of shredders are there in the market.

Strip-cut shredder: The most basic type of shredder available in the market. This type of paper shredder evenly cuts the documents in rectangular form. It shreds papers with varying widths from 1/12-inch to 1-inch ribbon-like strips.

Cross-cut shredders. This type of paper shredder cuts the papers twice, resulting to diamond or square-shaped pieces. They provide more security than strip-cut shredders and are usually more difficult to put back together. In addition, this type of paper shredder makes less waste product than the strip-cut shredder.

Particle Cut Shredders. This is a combination of the strip-cut shredder and the cross-cut shredder. It combines the workload volume of strip-cut shredders and the security of cross-cut shredders giving square-shaped or circular particles.

Micro Shredder. Considered as the most powerful commercial shredder as it cuts papers into micro size like dust. This type of shredder has the highest security since it would be almost impossible to put the document back together.

Knowing the type of paper shredder that you need in your office is very important as to how much security you want to use for the destruction of sensitive information.

Things to consider when choosing commercial shredders

When choosing a commercial paper shredder for your company or organization, it is important to know how many documents you need to cut in pieces and how often you will be using the machine. Here are a couple of things that you may want to consider.

Power: Commercial shredders are best for companies with multiple users and for those who need to shred papers and documents regularly. In this case, a paper shredder should handle your workload.

Shred options: It is also important to know if your company needs a paper shredder that can also destroy other office materials (staples, paper clips or that are usually included in bulk documents, credit cards, mails etc.).

Safety Features: Since shredders are installed with sharp blades, safety is always one of your biggest concern. Some shredders have built-in sensors that automatically shuts down when a hand is near the paper being shredded.

Feed Rate: The volume of pages or documents that a shredder can handle is also one of your biggest concerns when choosing a commercial paper shredder.

While these may be your top 4 priority when it comes to buying a paper shredder, there are several more features that may interest you, such as: energy-saving mode, noise control, warranty, shred speed option, jam proof feature, full wastebasket indicator and more. 

Why Do You Need a Commercial Paper Shredder?

Here are some of the main reasons why having a commercial paper shredder is important.

Security: This is usually significant for industries that record their client’s personal information. These information is a responsibility of such industries that they will not be given or disseminated to the wrong people.

Waste management: Paper shredders aid in managing waste disposals in the office. Since companies and organizations commonly have tons of papers and documents which is usually required to be disposed of regularly, shredders aid in minimizing waste and help declutter.

Reduce cost: The amount of money spent in cleaning and disposing of papers and other office materials is quite enormous. Having a paper shredder in the office will help save both money and time.

Legal Obligation. For some industries, it is their legal responsibility to dispose classified and sensitive information and business transactions for security purposes.

A commercial paper shredder is not just a machine that helps you declutter your office, it is a machine that can help you save and secure your company.

Frequently Asked Questions About commercial shredders

Do I still need to sort the paper I need to shred?

For most modern designed machines, it is not necessary to sort the paper any longer. A lot of paper shredders has the capacity to destroy other office materials such as CDs, staples, paper clips and even credit cards and mails.

Why should my company shred documents?

It is your legal responsibility to shred your documents regularly especially if you have records of personal information for your clients and even your previous employees.

Is a paper shredding schedule necessary?

It is important to have a regular shredding schedule to make sure that sensitive information will not be disseminated to the wrong hands. Without this procedure, you are creating a security risk for your client, employee and your company.

How often should I shred papers and documents?

Depending on the nature of business, the number of times a company should dispose sensitive information varies. The more classified information a company is involved in, the more often and regular paper shredding is needed. 

Is it okay to purchase a micro-cut shredder if the documents I have are not that classified?

Purchasing a micro-cut shredder for simple documents such as business reports, simple emails may not be a requirement but a good way to make your transactions secure. 

Is it better to have a paper shredding service to help me dispose classified information?

When it comes to security, there is no better way than doing it yourself; but if it will be next to impossible to do it due to a busy schedule, a shredding company will be a good way to maximize your time for your business. In addition, these companies guarantee security and proper disposal of these information.


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