Best Fax Machine For Office Use

Are you still using a fax machine to send documents? If you are, you should at least use the best fax machine for office use.

Though many companies have gone paperless and have done away with their fax machines, there is still something satisfying about holding a solid piece of paper in your hands. If you need to send and receive signed documents, fax machines are still an important office appliance.

Fax Machine For Office Use Reviews

Brother FAX-2840 High Speed Mono Laser Fax Machine

The Brother FAX-2840 Fax Machine has a 250-sheet capacity tray. It also includes a scanner and copier that are perfect for your other business needs. You just need to install the software that comes along with the unit.

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Brother IntelliFAX-2840 Laser Fax Machine

The Brother IntelliFAX-2840 Laser Fax Machine has Copy/Print/Fax capabilities. It has a tray capacity of 250 sheets so it can continuously print your office documents.

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Brother FAX4100E IntelliFax Plain Paper Laser Fax/Copier

The Brother FAX4100E Fax/Copier has a transmission speed of 3 seconds for each page. Its black and white printing capacity is ideal for your business’ basic needs.

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Canon FAXPHONE L190 Multifunction Laser Fax Machine

The Canon FAXPHONE L190 Fax Machine has a memory capacity of up to 512 sheets. It has duplex printing that has a combined capacity of 300 sheets.

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Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax, Phone, and Copier

The Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax, Phone, and Copier is a black and white fax machine that can store up to 25 pages in its memory. Its transmission speed is at 15 seconds for each page.

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Brother Ribbon Transfer Technology Fax-575 Personal Fax with Phone and Copier

The Brother Ribbon Transfer Technology Fax-575 has a single line for voice and fax so there is no need to install a separate line for your phone.  You can send a fax to multiple recipients at the same time.

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Compact Plain Paper Fax/copier with Answering System

The Compact Plain Paper Fax/copier by Panasonic features a fax and answering machine. Its compact design will take up a little space in your office.

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Brother FAX275 Personal Fax and Telephone

The Brother FAX275 Personal Fax and Telephone is a thermal fax machine that comes with a starter roll of ThermalPlus paper. You can receive phone calls and fax in this one machine.

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Panasonic Plain Paper Fax/copier

The Panasonic Plain Paper Fax/copier has the ability to create up to 20 copies of your document. It automatically switches between fax and voice calls so you will not need an additional phone line.

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Sharp UXP115 Phone/Fax/Copier

The Sharp UXP115 Phone/Fax/Copier has up to 24 pages of memory and it also features an out of paper indicator. It has full telephone functions such as speed dials and caller ID.

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Types of Fax Machines

Though internet and email handles most business transactions nowadays, good old fax machines are still used by many industries for sending data. Before getting a fax machine for your home office, you may want to know the different types of facsimiles to effectively utilize it for daily office tasks.

Inkjet fax machines are known for their ability to print colored files and documents. They also create good quality fax prints at a low cost. Though inkjet cartridges are known to be more expensive than laser toners, colored MFPs (multi-function products) are cost-efficient. An ink-saving feature is usually available to guarantee that colored inks are only used when needed. It can handle around twenty (20) colored pages in a minute with up to 600 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch). This type of fax machine is advisable for companies who have daily average fax print volumes of under forty (40).

Laser fax machines are more expensive than inkjets though they are usually favored by many industries due to their ability to fax and print documents faster and in higher volume. Multipurpose laser fax machines are considered versatile and have several optional features (such as installed hard drives that can store incoming data) though the color printing option is usually limited to black and white.

Thermal fax machines are the forefathers of fax machines. They are the most inexpensive and durable type of fax machines available in the market. As the names implies, this type of fax machine uses thermal (heat) technology to print and fax documents from its original copy.

These three types of fax machines have their own advantages and drawbacks, though it would be the owner’s needs that will decide which type is most appropriate. Several factors must be considered including frequency of usage, types of documents to be printed or faxed, multi-functional features etc.

Whether you choose a fax machine that can print and fax documents in color, a monochromatic type of machine to send data or even choose durability over volume and speed, what matters most is that you must choose a fax machine which can handle your workload and provide the service your clients need.

Why Use Fax Machines?

Although email and internet have managed to outstrip and outnumbered the use of fax machines in offices, some companies still choose to use faxes. Here are some of the reasons:

When you are in sales and public relations, a fax machine is a smart way to be noticed by potential clients. Sales pitches and promotions can easily be deleted with just a click of the mouse and can be overlooked along with other emails from different companies. With fax machines, your messages can receive a glimpse from prospective clients.

Not all email addresses are listed and available. Directories often provide telephone numbers and fax numbers more often than a working email address. In addition, some people, for security purposes, do not give out their email addresses and can choose to not send a read-receipt when they open their email messages. For some industries, a confirmation that the message was sent and received is an assurance that their transactions were completed. In this case, the fax machine outwits the internet.

In the legal department, most jurisdictions prefer mail or personal deliveries of documents than online communication. This is where the fax machine comes in handy. Fax machines may not offer an instant send and receive option but they provide a printout (with timestamp) of the document sent over a reasonable amount of time.

Fax machines may have an edge over email when it comes to security in some aspects. While email promises instant and paperless solution, an unencrypted electronic message may be easier to intercept than sending documents through a fax machine over an analog telephone line, which needs a special equipment.

Though it may look quite archaic to send files and documents through fax machines, several industries still choose sending mail and documents through facsimiles for some reasons. While the reasons may depend on a person or a company’s preference, it all boils down to convenience, creativity and tradition. 

How to Send Documents and Messages Using a Fax Machine

How to use a fax machine? Before you even push the “fax” button on that old piece of technology, here is a step-by-step guide on using a fax machine.

Here are the things you need: the document to be sent, a working phone line, your fax machine and a blank piece of paper (if you are using a thermal fax machine, you need to have a thermal paper).

Now you need to make sure everything is ready – the phone jack is working and plugged in correctly. Turn on the fax machine. Prepare the fax number of the person you want to send the document to.

Make sure to organize the documents according to how you want the receiver to receive the documents. Prepare a separate paper to use as your coversheet with the receiver’s information: name, phone number, fax number, sender’s name, phone number and fax number for reference. When laying the documents to the fax machine tray, make sure to lay them where the coversheet is on top.

Now, you are ready to dial recipient’s fax number. You may need to follow the dialing instructions for international calls. You may press “fax” or “send” button from the fax machine to send the documents.

Once these steps are done, the fax machine will start scanning each page (you may hear fax tones during this part). Some fax machines have a small display screen that will confirm the delivery of the documents. Some machines would even print out a confirmation note about the delivery of messages. 

How to Receive Messages and Documents Using a Fax Machine

Now it is your time to receive documents from your clients using your fax machine. Follow these steps and you can soon send and receive fax messages in no time.

Check the plugs and cables of your fax machine and telephone lines. Make sure everything is working properly for you to successfully receive fax documents. Many fax machines use a regular phone line and some use a dedicated fax line. What is important is that the sender has the correct fax number where they will send the needed documents.

Ensure that the fax machine has enough cartridge or toner inks. You do not want to end up with blank pages of documents. Many fax machines have an indicator to know the level or amount of the cartridge or toner inks.

Put the necessary number of blank pages for the sent documents. You may want to “fan” the papers on the fax machine tray to manually separate the pages and prevent paper jams along the way.

Once the sender dialed the recipient’s fax number, the sender’s fax machine will ring. Do not answer or pick it up – just wait for the fax tones, which “establishes” the connection to and from the sender and receiver. The fax machine will then automatically print the documents. Once completed, it is a business etiquette to send a confirmation to the sender.

One of the reasons why fax machines still exist in the business world is that they still provide a “professional” feel when sending or receiving documents and messages. It may be easier to use the internet or email, but for some industries the handy-dandy fax machine is still something that many business people would consider to have in their offices.


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