Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Are you worried that sensitive office information may leak and damage your reputation? If you want to play it safe then you need the best heavy duty paper shredder.

Heavy duty shredders are great because they can shred a huge amount of paper on a daily basis, and you don’t have to worry about the motor burning out. The best shredders can even rip apart cardboard and thicker gauge papers, which is a feature that you should look out for.

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Reviews

AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Shredder

The AmazonBasics 12-Cheet Shredder can also handle CDs, DVDs and credit cards.It has a ShredSafe feature that automatically turns the unit off when it detects a forced entry.

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Fellowes Powershed W11C Shredder

The Fellowes Powershed Shredder can also shred CDs and staple wires. Its SafetyLock Feature makes it a child- and pet-friendly shredder. It can shred 11 sheets as advertised, but you may encounter resistance and a slowdown in the shredding process.

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AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Shredder

The AmazonBasics High Security Shredder has a micro-cut shredder technology that turns paper sheets into 4 mm by 12 mm pieces. You may find the LED light to be too bright so try not to look straight at it.

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Fellowes Powershed 79Ci 16-Sheet Shredder

The Fellowes Powershed 79Ci Shredder is equipped with SafeSense Technology that automatically shuts it off when the hands touch the opening for the paper. Its cord is bent at 90° so you can place it closer to the wall.

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Bonsaii DocShred C156-D Paper Shredder

The Bonsaii DocShred C156-Dhas an overheat protection feature that automatically turns the unit off as it overheats. Its solid handle on top adds convenience.

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Fellowes 3229901 Powershred 99Ci Shredder

The Fellowes 3229901 Powershred 99CiShredder’s SafeSense Technology automatically shuts the unit off when its metal trim detects a finger, etc. The SilentShred technology makes it an ultra-quiet shredder that is compatible with shared space offices.

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AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Shredder

The AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Shredder has a P-4 security level. It can shred CDs, DVDs, and credit cards but it has to be done one at a time to prevent stalling.

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Bonsaii EverShred C169-B Paper Shredder

The Bonsaii EverShred C169-B Paper Shredder can shred 14 pages at a time and it can run for up to 30 minutes. Its overloading and overheating protection technology are what guarantees long lifetime.

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Sentinel FM120P 12-Sheet High Security Shredder

The Sentinel FM120P 12-Sheet High Security Shredder has a separate shredding slot for CDs to prevent the dulling of the blades. It has a level P-4 level security.

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SimplyShred PSC418D Paper Shredder

The SimplyShred PSC418D Paper Shredder has a level 3 security. It has a large bin that makes it an ideal shredder for small and medium-sized offices.

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Types of Paper Shredders to Choose from

If you are planning to buy a paper shredder for your office, you may want to check the different types of shredders to know which machine is appropriate for your office needs.

Strip-cut Shredder: This type of paper shredder simply cuts the paper in long strips. Some people think it is not quite advisable for businesses since the strips can be glued and put back together easily.

Cross-cut Shredder: The second type of paper shredder has the capability to chop the paper in smaller pieces than the strip-cut type. Unlike the first type, this paper shredder chops and shreds papers “cross-sectionally”.

Micro-cut Shredder: This type of paper shredder cuts the paper into tiny pieces like confetti. With this kind of paper shredder, it would be almost impossible to put a document back together.

Aside from the type of paper shredders, it is also helpful to know about the difference between integrated and non-integrated paper shredders. Integrated paper shredders are usually bigger than the non-integrated type since integrated shredders have a wastebasket to not oblige the user to frequently empty it. Stand-alone shredders, on the other hand, are simpler and more advisable for personal use.

Whether you have a small business or a company to run, the important thing is for you to know which type of paper shredder you need to use for appropriate disposal of sensitive data. Proper disposal of delicate business information will not just save space, money and time but will also secure your company in the long run.

Why get a paper shredder?

Paper shredders are important to a wide range of industries for several reasons: cleanliness, security, reduced cost and legal obligation. Shredders do not just promote cleanliness but also provides security for the clients and the company.

The main reason why an office needs a paper shredder is cleanliness. While trash bins and wastebaskets aid in making the office neat and tidy, paper shredders promote cleanliness and provides a much “bigger” space for other important and updated data and information.

Security and information management: When it comes to sensitive information, having a paper shredder in the office is very important. Paper shredders help a company or organization keep these files as classified as it should be – never to be disseminated to unrelated parties.

Saves Money and Time: Having paper shredders will help save money since a company or organization will not need to ask for a shredding service company to do it for them. Time will also be spent on more “productive” tasks than manual disposal of sensitive information.

Legal obligation: In several industries, a secure information destruction procedure is a must. This reason is related to security and information management since some information is considered “top secret”.

Having a paper shredder in your office is not just about promoting cleanliness and proper document disposal, it is also about gaining the trust of your clients and employees – making sure that all sensitive information will not be wrongly distributed to the wrong people.

How to Select a paper shredder?

Knowing your needs and reasons on getting a specific type of paper shredder will guide you in purchasing the most effective paper shredder for your office needs.

Size matters: Most home offices use personal paper shredders since the number of users and volume of documents to be disposed of are relatively low compared to big offices and established companies. However, big organizations and offices must use bigger and heavy-duty paper shredders to handle the workload.

Cut type, documents and objects: In some cases, companies with tons of files and a regular “shredding schedule” will require a shredder that not just shred papers but other office supplies as well. This includes staples, paper clips and CDs. Also, the type of blades (cut type) of a paper shredder is as important as the type of documents to be destroyed.

Sheet Capacity: The number of files that will be destroyed over a period of time is something you need to prioritize. You want to make sure that the shredder will help you save time in disposing data.

Security: The more “classified” your documents are, the higher the security you want to get from your paper shredder. Security in a paper shredder is how the documents will be cut – the finer the outcome the higher the security; the easier it is to glue back the paper together, the lower the security.

Cool down time and continuous run time: If you are in a company where sensitive information is everywhere, a paper shredder that has a continuous run time and a reasonable cool down time must be used. The longer time the shredder would need to “take a break”, the better it is for the workload.

Frequently Asked Questions About paper shredder?

What kind of paper shredder should I buy for my office?

For industries that handle classified information, such as social security numbers, bank information, tax information, credit card information etc., a paper shredder that destroys documents as minute as possible is highly advised.

Is it important to have a regular shredding schedule?

As a legal obligation, it is a must that you have a regular schedule to dispose classified data. These data are not to be given and known by unrelated parties. It is the duty of a company to protect their clients and employees’ personal information which can affect the business in the long run.

Do I need to maintain my shredder? How often?

Just like any other electronic equipment in an office, a paper shredder must have a regular check-up and maintenance schedule. This will help you save money and time as well as to make sure that your shredder will do its job exactly how you want it to.

What is a continuous-dry motor in paper shredders?

Some paper shredders have the capacity to continuously work without the need of cooling them down. The motor used in this type of shredders is thermally protected which is why you do not need to worry about overheating it.

Can I only shred papers?

Most heavy-duty paper shredders can destroy different types of paper and office supplies such as staples, paper clips, credit cards, mails, compact discs etc. Check this option should you need to destroy other office supplies and documents aside from papers.

Which is the best paper shredder?

If your office will only destroy papers with not so important information, a strip cut paper shredder may do the trick. However, if you will need to shred sensitive information of your clients and employees (such as credit card and bank information, social security numbers and other personal information), a paper shredder which will cut the documents into tiny pieces is required. Remember, security is the main reason you want to get a paper shredder for your office.


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