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Homes have qualities that cannot be eliminated to make way for a highly efficient workspace. Apart from having limited space, parents would have to deal with their kids playing around sensitive equipment. What can you do and what features should the best home office desk have?

First off, it should properly accommodate common office equipment and important documents — it needs to be space smart. And more importantly, it must have a built-in tool to organize the various cords that will run along through it.

Sauder Carson Forge Desk

This office desk from Sauder Carson is roomy enough to store files, folders, and other office articles. With three drawers that provide versatility, you can store files of various sizes.

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Convenience is not a problem as these three drawers have metal stops and runners that glide together and do not produce a screeching sound. It has a patented T-slot drawer system, which contributes to the durability of the drawer.

While the upper drawers can store large files and articles, the lower drawer can store letter-sized hanging files. This makes you organizing things better and more efficient.

The Sauder Carson Forge desk is quick and easy to assemble. It also does not take up a lot of space, and is easy to move.

The wrought iron style accents and smooth cherry wood finish on the desk gives off a classy air to it, but does not supersede functionality. It looks elegant and smart.

While the whole desk is easy to assemble, it does have quite a number of parts. You need to double-check with the assembly manual if all of the parts are complete.

There are also holes which have been previously drilled into the drawers. These drilled holes might cause the drawers to not align correctly.

The Sauder Carson Forge desk is for professionals who would like to maintain a mess-free office, but would still like a hint of class in the furniture they use.

  • Durable and has a patented T-slot drawer system
  • Lower and upper decks make organizing files more efficient
  • Makes assembly easy and quick
  • Wrought iron style adds elegant charm
  • There are too many pieces to put together
  • Drilled holes cause drawers to misalign

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Signature Design by Ashley H410-24

The Signature Design by Ashley H410-24 office desk combines style and functionality, as it keeps your things neat and organized. Its sleek metal frame looks modern and spacious, as opposed to bulky decks that occupy a lot of space.

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The glass top adds elegance to the desk, and creates the illusion that the room is bigger. A glass tops also makes the room airy and versatile, as it can go with any décor.

Ashley H410-24 has an L-shaped modular design allows for more storage space. You can utilize the corner of your office with this design and is a great storage space for items you do not frequently use.

Made of glass and metal, this desk is less susceptible to damage and mites. It is also easier to clean, polish, and maintain.

The white powder coat finish is tougher than ordinary paint. The finish will not easily scratch or chip, even when something hard hits it.

The downside, however, is that there is a tendency for the metal frame and corners to rust. The desk should be kept away from windows or wherever it could pick up moisture.

The whole desk is heavy as well, and one person is not enough to assemble everything, and it will take at least three persons to move it once fully assembled.

This desk is perfect for the office worker who prefers a no-nonsense desk. It’s also good for people with a small office.

  • L-shaped modular design provides more storage space
  • Less susceptible to damage
  • White powdercoat finish is tougher than ordinary paint
  • Glass top creates illusion of bigger space
  • Metal frame could get rusty
  • Two to three people will be needed to assemble the desk

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Kings Brand Furniture Contemporary Style Home & Office Desk

Modern is the keyword for Kings Brand Home and Office desk. It doesn’t have the bulky and space-consuming look of other old school desks.

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The white with chrome finish makes the desk look elegant wherever house or room it is placed. Kings Brand has a contemporary style that is unique and new.

The legs of the desk crisscross, thus preventing the desk from teetering or falling forward. The position of the legs add balance to the desk so you can put anything on it.

The desk also has a white glossy finish and a pullout keyboard tray so you could type with ease. The finish is nice to look and would complement most modern architecture.

Kings Brand is minimalistic and does not choose any office design. It can also be easily moved from one corner to another whenever you feel the need to revamp your office space.

Though the desk looks simple to assemble, it is not. Assembly can be quite daunting and you might want to ask for help as you set the desk up.

The desk doesn’t come with bolts so you have to purchase them separately before you can set up the office desk.

Anyone who appreciates minimalist and modern designs and furniture will love Kings Brand Home and Office Desk. It can also replace bulky wooden desks in a small room.

  • White finish looks elegant
  • Criss-cross legs provide balance to the desk
  • Has a pullout keyboard tray for easy typing
  • Easily movable in an office
  • Challenging to set up
  • Does not include bolts needed in the assembly

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Sauder Computer Desk

The Sauder computer desk is a nice piece of furniture that can organize your things at home or in the office. The desk is big enough to store your files and your home and office equipment.

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The slide-out mouse shelf and keyboard make typing more convenient for you, as you already know where to place your computer gizmos. The set-up and design of the desk is systematic and complementary to ergonomic standards.

The desk has two drawers, one on top of the other, and a cabinet. The size of the drawers allows you to store hanging files and other office articles.

The top of the desk likewise has a grommet hole for electrical cord access, so you can install a telephone or a desktop computer with no hassle.

The brushed maple finish of Saunders gives the desk a homey and classy feel and look. It’s elegant and complements almost any office or room, especially those with wooden furniture.

The downside: It might take you an hour or two to assemble the desk. Some parts are quite a challenge to put together despite the instructions in the package.

Watch out for splinters on the keyboard tray that could make the tray wobble. You can sand these edges yourself, or ask a carpenter to do that for you.

The desk is advisable for people with a large office space, as Saunders occupies a big room. It’s also best for people who love wooden furniture.

  • Slide-out keyboard makes typing convenient
  • Desks allow a variety of storing methods
  • Has a grommet hole for electrical cord access
  • Brushed maple finish makes desk look elegant
  • It could take two to three hours to assemble the desk
  • Tray could wobble because of a few ends sticking out.

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Altra Parsons Deluxe Desk

The Altra Parsons Deluxe Desk has a unique style that does not compromise usability. This desk has plenty of cubicles where you can place all of your office supplies and anything else you need to put away.

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You can put your laptop, lamp, telephone, books, and other files on the desk because the desk is large enough to accommodate basic and even extra office stuff.

Since the desk does not have drawers, you can easily reach for your items. There are also no problems regarding broken hinges and creaking cabinets and drawers.

The desk can also double as a console table. You can spice it up with small potted plants, a pretty vase, or a basket of trinkets to change the atmosphere in your office from time to time.

The smooth surface of the desk is scratch-resistant. The black oak finish is a modern take on the usual mahogany or brushed maple desk.

Assembling the desk may be a bit difficult, and you may need someone to help you. Take extra care when screwing the panels together as over-tightening can split the material.

Some parts may not have the right size of drilled holes, so expect that you will have to adjust and drill a couple of holes yourself.

All in all, it’s a good desk to have especially if you have a lot of stuff that you want to be easily accessible to you.

  • Desk accommodates a lot of things and equipment
  • Items become easily accessible
  • Desk doubles as console table
  • Has a scratch-free surface
  • Assembly can be a challenge
  • Expect to add drilled holes

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