Best Office Backpack

Gone are the days of taking a briefcase to work. These days, it is much more convenient, and more stylish, to use the best office backpack.

The great thing about using a backpack is that you can fit more stuff, and it is more ergonomic to use. Whatever style sense and purpose you have, you can find an office backpack that is right for you.

Office Backpack Reviews

OutJoy 17” Laptop Backpack

The 17” Laptop Backpack by OutJoy is a multifunctional, quality backpack. Itsbreathable,shockproof, anti-theft and water-resistant features are among my favorites. This black backpack is ideal for office and travel use.

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Lifewit Anti Theft 15.6″ Laptop Backpack

The Lifewit Anti Theft 15.6” Laptop Backpack is a well-engineered, lightweight backpack. It’sbeautiful grey color and stylish design makes this backpack most likely appealing to the younger generation.It is suitable to recommend for office and school use.

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SosoonBusiness Anti-Theft 15.6” Laptop Backpack

The Anti-Theft 15.6” Laptop Backpack by Sosoon is ergonomic and convenient to use. It is comfortable to use thanks to its balanced design that distributes its weight evenly. Conventional and practical, this black piece is perfect for business as well as leisure trips.

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Viagdo15.6” Laptop Backpack

The Viagdo15.6” Laptop Backpack is specifically waterproof ballistic nylon. This black one is equipped with spacious, multi-storage compartments for your various needs. It’s adjustable and padded shoulder straps give comfort to the user.

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Kuprine Lightweight Large Business 17” Laptop Backpack

The Lightweight Large Business 17” Laptop Backpack by Kuprine is a large yet lightweight backpack. It caters to all the enormous needs of the multi-tasking student or businessperson. What I really like about this black creation is its explosion-proof double layer zipper feature.

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Uoobag KT-01 Slim Business 15.6” Laptop Backpack

The Uoobag KT-01 Slim Business 15.6” Laptop Backpack is a sleek and fashionable backpack. If you are a fashionista, then this black backpack might appeal to you as much as it would accommodate your different business or project needs. Its multiple compartments let you organize your stuffs when you’re on the go.

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Kopack Business 17.3” Laptop Backpack

The Kopack Business 17.3” Laptop Backpack is a durable, heavy-duty backpack. It accommodates up to 20kgs of load. When using this black multipurpose rucksack outdoors, you should avoid the heavy rains and wipe away water within 5 minutes of contact to its surface to avoid soaking.

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AmazonBasics Backpack for 17” Slim Laptops

The AmazonBasics Backpack for 17” Slim Laptops is a high-class, multipurpose backpack. If you are after essentials and functionality, then this one is for you. This black backpack has its organizational compartments that cater to your every packing need for your office or field works.

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Lapacker Lightweight 15.6” Computer/Laptop Backpack

The Lightweight 15.6” Computer/Laptop Backpack by Lapacker is a strong and sturdy backpack. This black knapsack may attract the market of the sassy millennial. It depicts simplicity yet it is undeniably fit for the needs of the younger generation, and it also has a lifetime warranty.

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Ruggan15.6” Laptop Backpack

The Ruggan15.6” laptop backpack is basically slim and light. It also comes with bottle holders and padlocks for traveling and commuting. Its wide range of usage makes it ideal for business trips, office and school use, travel, and other outdoor activities.

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How to Choose the Best Office Backpack?

Capacity – An ideal office backpack must load everything that you need for work. Determine its length and width as well as the inner dimension before purchasing.

Material –A good backpack should be made of material that is perfect for your specific needs. It can be made from fabric, leather, mesh or water-proof material.

Quality – An ideal backpack for office must be high quality to ensure that it will last longer since you will be using it everyday. It should be sturdy enough to carry anything for work.

Backpack Anatomy – Knowing the physical features of a backpack is important. Be familiar with each pocket, zipper and compartment to maximize the benefits of using a backpack for office.

Adjustments – Knowing the features of a backpack such as detachable straps will be helpful in finding the best one for the office. Easy to adjust backpacks are more convenient to use.

Comfort – Any bag should always give comfort to the user. It must be easy to carry. It should also be capable of evenly distributing the weight of the bag so it won’t cause severe back and shoulder pain.

Tips When Using a Backpack for Office

Make sure that the bottom part of the backpack aligns with your lower back’s curve. It should not be more than 4 inches below your waistline.

The shoulder strap anchor points of the backpack should rest 2 inches below the top of the shoulder. This provides comfort when carrying a backpack.

Always look for loose threads or sloppy stitching. This may appear after prolonged use of a backpack. Checking for these things can prevent further damage of the backpack.

It is advisable to load and wear the backpack for office properly. This is to avoid injury and discomfort. Moreover, carrying too much load can result to muscle ache.

Carrying a load no more than 15% of the body weight in a backpack is recommended. However, the less a person carries, the better it is.

It is a must to keep the things inside a backpack organized. Keeping everything well-organized can save time and effort. This also promotes the proper use of the compartments and pockets.

How to Clean a Backpack

Cleaning a backpack regularly helps prolong its life and makes it look better after a long use. The correct ways and tips in cleaning it are as follows:

Check all the pockets and compartments before getting started. Unzip all the zippers and look for small objects that may be important.

Remove any visible and loose dirt from the outside. Use a brush or a damp cloth to remove loose dirt so it won’t get mixed as you wash your backpack.

If there are any loose threads around the straps and zippers, trim them right away. Loose threads can cause further damage to the bag.

Prepare all the cleaning materials for the backpack. Any dirt needs a specific cleaning agent. It is a good thing to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning and washing the backpack.

For sticky substances that may have stuck inside or outside, a grease remover or any other specific remover may be used. If you are unsure about the cleaning process, consult the manufacturer or an expert.

Advantages of Using a Backpack for Office

Using a backpack for office is a good choice. The following are the main advantages of having a backpack for everyday use at office work.

Gives Comfort – Using a backpack for everyday work in the office puts less strain on the body. It evenly distributes the weight of the load on the shoulder, making it easier to carry.

Easy to Store – Backpacks are undeniably easier to store compared to other types of bags. It easily fits in overhead bins in a train, bus or plane, lessening your burden.

Keeps Everything Organized – Since a backpack has many pockets and compartments, it is easier to keep things organized and store them properly. These ensure that all the important things are easy to reach and keep. 

Allows to Move Easily – Wearing a backpack allows a person to move easily. Since the shoulders support the backpack, a person’s hands are both free to do other essential tasks.

Provides Protection – Many backpacks for office are made from water-resistant materials or fabric that protects a person’s valuables. Since accidental spillage is unavoidable, wearing a water-proof backpack is recommended.


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