Best Office Chair For Tall Person

Are you too tall to even sit comfortably in a regular office chair? If you want to increase your productivity, and spare your back from further pain, you should choose the best office chair for tall person.

People of large stature often have trouble fitting into conventional office furniture, which is why they are more susceptible to body pain and spasms. If you are somewhat tall then you need an office chair that you can work comfortably.

Office Chair For Tall Person Reviews

Herman Miller Embody Chair

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is innovative and classy. This black chair is designed for comfort, ease, multi-tasking, and the well-being of the user. Its unique engineering features style and flexibility, support and durability, plus it’s also environment-friendly and a state-of-the-art product.

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HON VL705 Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

The HON VL705 Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair is a sturdy and strong black chair. This chair helps and makes you feel relaxed while working, whatever your body size may be.It’s ergonomic and truly cozy.

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Office Factor New Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

The New Big and Tall Executive Office Chair by Office Factor is big and heavy-duty as it should be. If assembled properly, this black chair is equipped with features to accommodate big figures. Its design is what makes this chair suitable and convenient for a large-framed person to use in offices.

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AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

The AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair is basically standard. This black chair’s support and adjustable features make it an easy-to-use kind of chair for office workers. It is recommended for tall and slim figures.

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Genesis Designs “Madison” High-Back Executive/Conference Room Office Chair

The “Madison” High-Back Executive/Conference Room Office Chair by Genesis Designs issleek and stylish. This sophisticated white chair can exude elegance in wherever room or office you use it.It is conspicuously fashionable yet functionally fundamental.

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2xhome Modern High-Back Office Chair

The 2xHome Modern High-Back office Chair is fundamentally contemporary and simply advanced. This type of white chair is what a modern-designed office might need because of its particular design.It is esthetically nicewith ideal functionality.

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LANGRIA Modern High-Back Leather Executive Chair

The LANGRIA Modern High-Back Leather Executive Chair is a durable and sturdy chair. Its360-degree swivel and explosion-proof base plate features promote flexibility and convenience. This black chair is upholstered nicely that you would definitely want one for your office.

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Anji Modern Furniture High-Back Computer Desk Swivel Office Chair

The Anji Modern Furniture High-Back Computer Desk Swivel Office Chair is remarkably lightweight yet of substantial quality. Its simple and practical design makes it ideal for home offices. This grey chair would certainly appeal to those with the laid-back kind of personalities.

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Teck Furniture High-Back Leather Executive Chair

The High Back Leather Executive Chair by Teck Furniture is a stable and comfortable seat to have in an office. This black chair would meet the standards if you are looking for a well-padded type of an office chair. It is ideal and preferable for people with tall and medium-built figures.

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VIVA OFFICE High-Back Managerial Chair

The VIVA OFFICE High-Back Managerial Chair is a thickly-padded, new-fashioned chair. Its combination of black and light grey colors gives it a more elegant and modern look. If assembled accordingly, its stability and capacity can accommodate up to 250 pounds.

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Types of Office Chair for Tall Persons

Conference Chairs – Conference chairs are also known as boardroom chairs. They are perfect for relaxing positions. In addition, most designs are not adjustable but some have wheels.

Ergonomic Chairs – Ergonomic chairs are friendly on the back. These are suitable for those who are suffering from back pain, especially tall people. Also, they are designed to support the back during long hours of sitting.

Executive Chairs – Executive chairs have built-in wheels that can rotate at any directions. They have adjustable backrest and soft material, which offers comfort. This office chair is one of the most expensive ones available. 

Guest Chairs – These chairs are usually not mobile and adjustable but are really comfortable seats. They can be made from wood or plastic, which comes in different designs and colors that will please the guests.

Mesh Chairs – These are lined with net-like fabrics, allowing air to circulate throughout to avoid feeling sweaty and hot while sitting. Therefore, they are comfortable to use.

Task Chairs – Task chairs have basic designs and are the most popular among the many office chairs for tall person. They have built-in wheels that allow mobility. Furthermore, you can adjust them anytime.

How to Choose the Best Office Chair

Base and/or Wheels – Office chairs for tall persons require metal wheels. This allows sufficient metallic distribution throughout the chair. Furthermore, a lot of emphasis on the base of the chair makes it perfect for tall persons.

Height Adjustment – Height adjustment is necessary to avoid back pain and leg muscle strain. A tall person must have a chair that will allow his feet to rest on the ground easily. 

Material – Office chairs are available in different designs and materials. One should consider the material when choosing an office chair. Fabric, leather and mesh are the most popular materials used in office chairs today. 

Seat Depth – For a tall person, an office chair must have a medium to high depth. This can help him sit with a straight back for a long period.

Armrest and Backrest Adjustment – Armrests and backrest should be adjustable, too. This makes it easier to move easily and freely based on the most appropriate position as you work in the office.

Warranty – All office chairs must have warranty from the manufacturers too. This is to ensure that defects and malfunctions can be easily replaced as long as they are covered by the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cleaner should I use on fabric parts of the chair? It is safe to use a water-based cleaning agent or gentle soap and water if you’re not sure about the type of fabric your chair has.

I’m tall. Can I use a regular office chair? This depends on the feature of the chair. For tall persons, it is important that their chair won’t give them muscle pain because of the discomfort it brings.

What can I use to clean my chair with vinyl seating? Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the seating. Most vinyl seating require a stronger detergent to remove stains.

What features of a chair should I avoid? Simply avoid the office chair that won’t allow you to adjust the tilt tension. Every tall person should recline in a more relaxed way.

I’m on a tight budget. Can I go for a chair without arms instead? Yes, you can. Adjustable arms or even no arms are better than fixed arms.

How do I clean leather seating? For minor spills and stains, distilled water and soft cloth will do. Mild soap is needed if the stains persist. To clean the seating, make a lather and rub it over the stain. 

How to Maintain an Office Chair 

Any office chair must be cleaned and maintained properly. This is to make the chair last longer and protect it from unwanted and hard to remove stains.

Office chairs must be brushed and vacuumed regularly. Leather surfaces must be cleaned using a soft, clean cloth. Wood finishes can be wiped with a damp, clean cloth too.

The chair wheels must be cleaned too. They surely do accumulate hair, as well as dust and debris that can affect the movement of the chair.

It is advisable to tighten the screws and bolts of the office chair to ensure stability and safety. It may be done at least twice a year.

To handle spills and stains, clean them immediately. The longer the stain sits in the surface of the chair, the more difficult it is to remove it.

Use a mild soap and water when cleaning spills and stains. If it doesn’t work or there are still visible spots of stains, a cleaning agent must be used.


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