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Can plastic be shredded in a paper shredder? Because its primary job is to protect persons from identity theft, the measure for the best paper shredder have changed. Sensitive information, after all, aren’t exclusively printed on paper nowadays.

Personal information can be enclosed in several materials — plastic envelopes, CDs, plastic cards and more. And because all these would need proper disposal, your shredder must have the capacity to shred or grind beyond paper.

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

Fellowes is an Illinois based company that specializes in the creation of office machines. It has a global reach, with 15 subsidiary companies. Among its offerings is the Powershred 99Ci.

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This is a heavy duty paper shredder, which the company guarantees to be jam-proof. By “heavy duty”, it means that this shredder can go for up to 30 minutes before needing a cool down.

The machine can shred as many as 18 sheets in one pass. It can also shred items like staples, paper clips, CDs, and credit cards, ensuring nothing gets in the way of the shred.

Safety is also highlighted, with Fellowes’s SafeSense system. This automatically stops the shredder when the user touches the opening with his hands.

The machine also has a large bin, which holds as much as 9 gallons of paper. Together with the bin-full LED indicator, the user no longer has to guess when it’s time to empty the bin.

As good as the large bin is, this is also one of the pain points of the machine. There are times when the machine is incapable of compacting the paper on its own, so users have to do this manually.

Depending on use, the product can also overheat rapidly. Under heavy usage, it has difficulty reaching the average 30 minutes of continuous run time.

Thus, the product is best suited for home business owners. These are those who need the heavy duty capabilities, while being able to take a few minutes per use to cool down the machine and compact the shredder.

  • Jam-proof and heavy-duty, lasting for as much as 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Can shred as much as 18 sheets at once. Can also shred jam-prone items like clips, staples, and CDs
  • SafeSense system prevents accidents, through auto-shut off feature
  • Large 9-gallon bin with LED indicator
  • May have issues with compacting paper in bin
  • Can rapidly overheat

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Bonsaii EverShred C149-C

Bonsaii is a Sino-German company that specializes in the creation of paper shredders. It has one of the largest factories in China, and has a global presence.

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Its EverShred C149-C is one of its heavy-duty offerings, with a continuous run time that can shoot up to a full hour.

It can also shred as much as 18 sheets at once, with a secure shred size of 5mm by 37mm. It can also shred items like CDs, credit cards, and staples.

For convenience, the machine has an auto start/stop function. It also has a reverse function in case of paper jams.

Despite its size, it can be easily moved because of its caster wheels. This allows for a degree of portability rarely found in paper shredders.

One of the weak points of the Bonsaii machine is its durability. Despite being rated for long hours of use, the internal components of the machine are prone to breaking down.

In the same vein, the shredder’s structure does not allow the user to get to the blades when something needs to be pulled out. This can cause problems when there is a complicated jam.

This machine is best suited for light uses who do not use the machine regularly. While performing great, the weak internals make it unsuitable for above-average use.

  • Runtime can reach up to 1 hour
  • Shreds up to 18 sheets at once. Can also shred CDs, staples, and credit cards
  • Auto start/stop and reverse functions for full control
  • Caster wheels allow for portability
  • Weak internals make it prone to breakdown
  • User cannot get to the blades in case of complicated jams

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AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Shredder

Amazon has also launched its own brand back in 2015. Dubbed “AmazonBasics”, it focuses on different kinds of consumer tech. Among its offerings is the 6-sheet paper shredder.

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The cross-cut machine can shred credit cards, in addition to regular paper. It also has a manual reverse feature to easily clear paper jams.

The device has a built-in thermal protection as a safety feature. This automatically shuts the shredder down in case of overheat.

Another good feature of the device is the diagonal cross-cut, which helps prevent paper jams. This lessens the maintenance time between shreds.

There is also a shield on top of the feeder, which helps prevent objects from falling directly into the shredder. This adds to the safety of using the device.

On the downside, the machine does not shred the paper well enough to hide the contents of the document. This can lead to some privacy concerns.

Also, the way the shredder spews the paper into the basket can be messy. Sometimes, the paper can get into the gap between the shredder and its basket.

Overall, this is a device meant for home users who do not shred too many documents, and who are not concerned about document privacy.

  • Shreds credit cards, and has manual reverse for jams
  • Built-in thermal protection to help prevent overheating
  • Diagonal cross-cut helps prevent jamming
  • Feeder shield prevents inadvertent shredding
  • Shred size is too big, and document content can still be read
  • Shredder can be messy when spewing paper onto the basket

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Fellowes Powershred W11C

Fellowes is an American company that makes different kinds of business machines — from paper shredders to mobile accessories. Among its offerings is the Powershred W11C.

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The machine can shred up to 11 pieces of paper at once, and can also work on staples and credit cards. It can run continuously for up to 5 minutes.

The SafetyLock system — a Fellowes patent — can disable the shredder for added protection. This makes it easy to handle it without fear of automatic activation.

There is also a 4.75-gallon bin, with a lift-off style head. This makes sure every piece of shredded paper is caught by the bin.

It also produces less noise than competing shredders, which makes it ideal for offices and homes where too much noise can be disturbing.

On the downside, this Fellowes model does not cut adhesives like tape. Feeding this into the machine can cause a jam.

Another issue with the shredder is its weak mechanical parts, which can break down after continuous use. The breakdown of small pieces (like gears) can render the machine completely unusable.

Overall, this shredder is best suited for home or small office use. It is safe, neat, and produces less noise — but still incapable of heavier shredding loads.

  • Can work on credit cards and staples. Run time can reach 5 continuous minutes before needing a cooldown.
  • Patented SafetyLock system prevents inadvertent activation
  • Lift-off style head catches more paper than others
  • Does not cut adhesives, so these have to be disposed separately
  • Weak internal parts can cause the machine to break down prematurely

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Aurora AU740XA

Aurora is an American company that specializes in the creation of paper shredders. Among its offerings is the 7-sheet AU740XA model.

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This machine has an advanced “ShredSafe” feature. This turns off the machine upon detection of forced entry. Such a measure helps prevent accidents when something is inadvertently inserted into the shredder.

To add to the safety features, there is also a safety bar that covers the feed slot. This helps prevent anything getting caught in the shredder by accident.

It also has an overheat protection built in. The shredder automatically stops when it detects overheating, and an LED light indicates this.

A unique feature of the Aurora model is its “JamBooster”, which helps automatically clear the shredder cutters in case there is a paper jam.

One of the problems with this machine, however, is the fact that it does not shred the paper small enough to hide the letters.

Also, there are times when the shredder can break down due to overuse. This can be attributed to its internal components, which are not up to par for heavy-duty use.

Overall, this is a shredder that can be used at home or in small offices. The safety features would make it fool-proof, but the problems with durability render it unable to stand long shredding times.

  • Shredder has “ShredSafe” feature to prevent activation when there is force-feeding
  • A safety bar prevents objects from inadvertently falling into shredder
  • Overheat protection with LED indicator adds to safety
  • JamBooster helps clear the clutters in case of jamming
  • Shred is still large enough to read the letters
  • Durability can come into question when used continuously

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